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Assuit Educational Directorate
Othman Ghazally Experimental language school
Teacher: Mostafa Saad Mohamed Grade: prep. 1 Date:
Course: O-level Hello! English Unit: 1
Lesson Topic: New People . Time: ( 90 Min) Period:
The student should be able to:
1- revise, practice and extend their knowledge of how to express personal details.
2- revise and practice have got.
3- revise and practice telling the time.
4- extend their vocabulary: the school day, languages and countries..
Activities/Methods Resource Materials Assessment
I'll introduce myself to the class and I'll encourage the students to introduce themselves to me. I'll throw the ball to a student who then introduce him/herself . They then throw the ball to another student who does the same.
Teaching aids:
Posters, real object, map ………… etc
Class work
Students are involved to take part in the discussion and enjoy the lesson.
Getting pupils apply understanding by means of remembering the characters by the end of the class.
Textbook (p from 1 to 5 WB pages 1:3 Check homework
Overhead Masters Test/Quiz
Workbook/Handouts Project
Hands-On Materials Class work
Reference Materials Review
Technology Presentation
Other Supplies Oral Responses
Teacher Observation

Teacher’s part Grammar Focus New Vocabulary
Guided Instruction Verb to be
Have / has got
Preposition ( in – on – at ). Magazine
Penn friend
Time table
School subjects
Active Learning
Independent Work
Small Group Language Functions
Practice Sheet Greetings
Giving and asking for personal information:
Talking about where you from?
Homework: Workbook
Referring to the book pages 3 and 4
Principal signature: ------------------------- Technical director’s signature: -----------------------
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